Veterans Support Medical Cannabis

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The Support For Research And Legalization Of Marijuana Has Reach Some Of The Bravest Americans

According to a survey conducted by Five Corners using IVR Surveys

" Veterans and Caregivers both overwhelmingly support the federal legalization of cannabis to treat a mental or physical condition ".

The support for medical cannabis came from all age groups of veterans. All respondents of the survey conducted by Five Corners, the age group that supported federal legalization the most were respondents of aged 18-30. This age group supported federal legalization 100%. Respondents aged 60+ support federally legalization the least at 79%  

Its clear that the veteran community not only support medical cannabis but are ready to catalyze and benefit from a natural treatment. 
    The Study by Five Corners Shows
- 1 in 5 veterans uses marijuana to alleviate a medical or physical condition.
- Approximately 40% of caregivers know a veteran that was using marijuana to
alleviate a medical or physical condition.
- The majority of veterans surveyed that are using cannabis are over the age of 60 

Some veterans find access to cannabis in states without any legalization, this should further the political stance and get committees to at least take a vote. While this issue is currently a political party issue affiliated with mostly liberals it should be a bipartisan issue.

Marijuana created thousands of jobs in States that allowed legalization and could bring many more while stabilizing the existing economy. Many think this would help criminal organization when in fact it would deal a massive blow to criminal networks, awhile creating a massive source of income for States and Government from taxes. This could get America out of some of its debt (ending Prohibition played a big part in getting the U.S.getting out of the Great Depression).

Veterans and their caregivers support the federal legalization of medical cannabis and majority of United States citizens support decriminalization so now we just got to vote!

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