What Are Smoking Bowls

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Bowls are the part of a marijuana and tobacco pipe or bong in which the marijuana is placed inside. Lately the semantics of the word Bowl has change, now the word is mostly used as a adjective to correlate the amount of tobacco or marijuana that can fit in a bowl.

For Example: He smoke a bowl before he went out last night.

Bowls are made out of almost any martial that can conceal smoke such as; glass, plastic, wood, aluminum. Usually the price of a pipe depends on the color and bowls size.

Bong Bowls are is a part of every Bong. The bowls sit within the joint of your bong and holds the tobacco or marijuana. Bowls for bongs are called either male or female. Knowing the joint size and gender of your Bongs is Very Important.
Online Bong

Where Can you get a Bong 

Bongs are usually available at your local smoke shop along with papers and other products. You can also get them online at Trimeck.com

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